Let’s Look at Why You Should Get a Well Woman Exam

Women have special health requirements. Your body deserves the best treatment and care possible. That’s why well woman exams are so important. There are a number of very important reasons to schedule your annual well-woman exam soon.

What is a Well Woman Exam?

A well-woman exam is a preventative healthcare measure. It may seem strange to go to the doctor when you aren’t sick, but the point of a well-woman exam is to make sure you stay healthy. A standard exam consists of a series of tests and checkups.

Your doctor will know what sorts of screenings and preventative procedures are best for someone at your age and in your health condition. These screenings include things like cancer and STI’s, but they also check things like bone health.

Another great reason to get your well-woman exam scheduled is that under the Affordable Care Act, preventative procedures must be covered by your insurance. As a result, you won’t have to cover any out of pocket costs. Be sure the clarify you want a well-woman appointment when scheduling, and check with your insurance provider to confirm what your out of pocket costs would (or wouldn’t) be.

Every well-woman exam is different, as each one is based on patient needs and doctor’s recommendations. Any well-woman exam could include one or more of the following elements:

  • Contraceptive Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Screening
  • Alcohol Abuse Screening
  • Cholesterol Screening
  • STI Screening
  • HIV Screening
  • Vaccines and Immunizations
  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling

Catch Cancer Early with Cancer Screenings

The first reason you should schedule a well-woman exam today is cancer screenings. Your doctor will know which screenings are needed for you. These may include mammograms, pap smears, and other procedures. However, doctors will also use things like bone-density measurements and review your family history to see what kinds of cancers you might be at risk for.

These procedures are vitally important. Studies show that early detection of cancer greatly improves the outcome of treatment. Spotting problems before they become a big deal can save you a lot of stress, complications, and money down the line.

STI Screenings and Asking Questions

Cancer screenings aren’t the only kind of tests you’ll get at a well-woman exam. Your doctor will also determine if you have or at risk of a sexually transmitted infection. These diseases are increasingly common and can cause serious health complications if not addressed right away.

In addition to checking for STIs, your doctor will be able to answer your questions about sexual health. You can find out what steps you can be taking to ensure that you’re as safe as possible.

Prevent Unwanted Pregancy with Birth Control

New innovations in birth control are happening all the time. Your doctor will help you pick the right birth control product for your needs. You can resolve issues with side effects and get answers to any questions you have about your current birth control methods at your Well Woman Exam.

Pre-Pregnancy Counseling

Finally, a well-woman exam is a great idea for people who are thinking about or trying to become pregnant. Pre-pregnancy counseling will help you understand the best ways to care for your body to make a pregnancy more likely and easier. This is a great time to ask questions about pregnancy so that you understand everything you need to know.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to schedule your well-woman exam today. These exams are an important part of self-care and being as healthy as possible. There’s no out-of-pocket costs for preventative health services like a well-woman exam, so there’s no reason to delay. Call today to set up an appointment for your well-woman exam in Orlando. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.