Family Medicine in Orlando

Horizon Primary Care provides Family Medicine Services in Orlando, FL

When you need a family doctor that can care for your loved ones in every stage of their lives, the family practice physicians at Horizon Primary Care are here to serve you.

Horizon Primary Care offers a comprehensive suite of family medicine services in Orlando, including yearly wellness exams, laboratory testing, immunizations, and treating common ailments. To request your family medicine appointment, just call our office or click this button.

What does a family medicine practitioner do?

Your family medicine practitioner helps you stay healthy. From yearly checkups to immunizations to helping you get over common ailments like colds and flu, your family medicine doctor is the physician that you see most often for common medical issues and checkups.

Services your family medical doctor can provide include:

  • Annual checkups
  • Laboratory testing
  • Immunizations
  • STD testing
  • Physicals
  • Stitches for minor injuries
  • Well-woman exams
  • Pediatrics
  • And more

Family medicine is for all ages

One of the best things about choosing a Horizon Primary Care family medicine provider is that your entire family can see the same doctor or medical team. From grandparents to grandchildren, our family medicine doctors are just as familiar with pediatrics as they are geriatrics.

Not only does having a single family medicine practitioner for your entire family save you time, but it helps your family create a personal, long-term relationship with your provider and their team. Having a strong bond with your medical provider is related to better patient outcomes and in-office experiences. It’s just easier to feel comfortable with your provider when you get to know them well!

Adult Family Care in Orlando

Even healthy adults need a regular doctor they can turn to for common aches and pains, illnesses, and yearly checkups. Having a dedicated adult medicine provider at Horizon Primary Care means enjoying the peace of mind of knowing you have a dedicated doctor who keeps you healthy year after year. By keeping an ongoing eye on your health, making sure your immunizations are up to date, running necessary labs, and treating acute or chronic ailments, your family medicine practitioner helps you achieve and maintain an optimal quality of life.

Women’s healthcare

Your family medicine practitioner can provide well-woman exams and Pap smears to keep you healthy without a special trip to the gynecologist. Many of our female patients find that getting the all of their health needs addressed in one office is a real convenience and time-saver in their busy schedules.

Men’s healthcare

Prostate exams, testosterone level testing and other men’s health services are also available from our family medicine practitioners. Combining men’s health services with general health and wellness care under one roof is just another way Horizon Primary Care helps Orlando patients stay healthy in the most convenient way.

Laboratory services

Keeping up with your health often means looking at all the great information your blood can reveal. Horizon Primary Care offers laboratory services including cholesterol testing, complete blood counts, thyroid panels, hormone level testing, and more, meaning you can take care of everything right in our office without traveling to a laboratory off site.

Urgent Care

Woke up with a blazing fever? Had a freak avocado-cutting accident and need stitches STAT? Part of a successful family practice is being here for our patients when they need us. When you need care right away, having a dedicated family medicine team can save you from and an impersonal and expensive trip to the ER or Urgent Care.

What if I need to see a Family Medicine Doctor?

Horizon’s family medicine practitioners can diagnose and treat most acute and chronic illnesses. However, if your provider determines you have a more serious condition that might benefit from specialty care, they can refer you to a medical specialist in Orlando for further treatment.

What Our Patients Have to Say

I had a positive experience from the moment I checked in to check out. I was 30 minutes early for my appointment. I was called back as I was filling out my paperwork. That NEVER happens.Dr. Garcia was very pleasant. I switched my primary care due to insurance change. I appreciated the great customer service. They were very efficient and every staff.member had a smile!

June 28, 2019

Monika Harrison

Verified Google Review

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